Study results of the presence of culicoides spp. in Serbia during 2017


Culicoides spp.

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Pavlović I, Stanojević S, Veljović L, Maksimović-Zorić J, Radanović O, Plavšić B, Đurić B, Ostojić S. Study results of the presence of culicoides spp. in Serbia during 2017. AVM [Internet]. 2018 Sep. 16 [cited 2024 Apr. 12];11(1):45-51. Available from:


During 2017, 784 insect samples were examined and the presence of Culicoides spp. was established in 25.51% of samples. Earlier research has found that the dominant population of Culicoides spp in Serbia belongs to Obsoletus complexes, established in 60.05% of analyzed samples. Out of the entire insect population analyzed, males were found in 22.84%, unpigmented (young) females in 67.97%, females who took blood in 7.39%, whereas 1.35% were gravid females. Culicoides spp. from the Pulicaris complex was established in 38.85% of examined samples. Males were found in 18.91%, unpigmented (young) females in 71.72%, females who took blood in 9.09%, and 1.11% were gravid females. Other types of culicoids have been established in less than 10% of the examined samples. During examination, the most prevalent species were Culicoides obsoletus, C. picturalis, C. lupicaris, C. scoticus and C. fascipennis.

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