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Prica N, Baltić M, Teodorović V, Petrović J, Rackov O. QUALITY OF HOT DOG SAUSAGES. AVM [Internet]. 2009 Jun. 29 [cited 2023 Dec. 9];2(1):29-3. Available from: https://niv.ns.ac.rs/e-avm/index.php/e-avm/article/view/209


The volume of hot dog sausages plays an important role in meat production. Due to their desirable eating properties (softness, juicy, mild taste and smell) they form a group of sausages acceptable for all consumer categories. They are produced according to producer’s specification, which are not the same. Therefore, the differences in quality may be expected. The objective of this paper was to make a comparative analyses of three parameters in five different products present on Novi Sad market: the content of water, fat and protein, and to determine the average content of these parameters in hot dogs produced by different producers. The average content of water ranged from 56.29±3.30% to 61.44±4.08%. The differences between the average content of water in the product of producer A and C were with no statistic significance (p=0.05), and there was no difference between the average water content in other products. The average total fat in hot dogs ranged from 17.60±3.07% to 20.66±4.65%. The average fat content in the products of D and B producer, as well as Cand B, was without statistically significant difference (p=0.05). The average fat content in the products of producer E and D differed p=0.01. In all other comparisons the difference between the average fat content was p=0.001. The average meat protein content ranged from 11.77±1.08% to 15.41±1.82%. Between the products from producer A and C there was no statistical significant difference (p=0.05). The average meat protein content in the products of D and E producers showed statistic difference of p=0.01, but the average content in other producers was p=0.001. The content of meat protein in all hot dogs were within limits of regulations (10%). Statistically significant difference of the average water content in five different producers was discovered in one case (out of ten), the average fat content in two, and the average protein content in one of the examined products.


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