honeydew honey
physicochemical characteristics

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Živkov Baloš M, Jakšić S, Popov N, Vidaković Knežević S, Ljubojević Pelić D, Pelić M, Polaček V, Milanov D. PHYSICOCHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF SERBIAN HONEYDEW HONEY. AVM [Internet]. 2019 Dec. 31 [cited 2024 Jul. 24];12(2):49-61. Available from:


Th e aim of this study was to investigate the composition and quality of Serbian honeydew honey. For this purpose, the physicochemical characteristics of 14 honeydew samples were analyzed. Th e physicochemical characteristics of all honeydew honeys from Serbia analyzed in this research can be considered to be within the parameters prescribed for honeydew in general. Th e sum value of glucose and fructose, the content of sucrose, water, hydroxymethylfurfural, acidity, and diastase activity were in line with European and national regulations for honey, for all investigated honeydew samples. Out of a total of 14 tested honey samples, 1 sample did not comply with the national regulations for honey regarding electrical conductivity. According to our results, in most of investigated samples the fructose/glucose (F/G) ratio was greater than 1.11 and glucose/water (G/W) ratio was close to 2. Th is means that they can be categorized as medium-crystallizing honeys. Th e results obtained in this study indicate excellent quality, absence of undesirable fermentation, acceptable freshness and proper manipulation of Serbian honeydews.

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