Emerging viral diseases of cyprinids


fish viruses
emerging diseases

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Radosavljević V, Maksimović-Zorić J, Veljović L, Nešić K, Marković Z, Ljubojević Pelić D, Milićević V. Emerging viral diseases of cyprinids. AVM [Internet]. 2019 Feb. 4 [cited 2024 Apr. 12];11(2):3-9. Available from: https://niv.ns.ac.rs/e-avm/index.php/e-avm/article/view/21


The intensive aquaculture remains the world’s fastest growing sector producing food of animal origin. In fact, it is the only animal food-producing sector growing faster than the human population, and provides an acceptable supplement to and substitute for wild fish. A number of cyprinid diseases have emerged globally and their study has become increasingly important. The expansion of aquaculture, which has relied heavily on the movement of animals and farming species new to aquaculture, has been paralleled with disease emergence. In the last few years several emerging or re-emerging fish diseases have been detected in cyprinid fish populations in Serbia. In this paper, the authors overview the major viral threats for cyprinid fishes in Serbia


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