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A leading scientific and research institution in the field of veterinary science and biotechnology in Serbia.

Founded by the National Assembly in 1950. It is a non-budgetary institution owned by the state.
Scientific Veterinary Institute „Novi Sad“ is registered as a scientific and research institution in the registry of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and in the registry of veterinary institutions in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management- Veterinary Directorate of the Republic of Serbia alike. As one of 12 accredited state laboratories together with epizootiological department, it is responsible for monitoring, diagnostics, control, prevention and suppression of animal diseases and distribution of immunoprophylactic products in the area of Juznobacki and Srem District.

37 researchers

on projects

32 PhD

in veterinary medicine, chemistry and other fields

5 PhD students

on PhD studies

9 specialist

in different fields of

veterinary medicine




Marija Trandafil is known as a great benefactor and bestower in the history of Novi Sad. She was born in a wealthy Popovic family in Novi Sad in 1816. She married Jovan Trandafil originally from Erdelj (Romania). Together with her husband Jovan she acquired considerable property that she turned into various legacies after the death of her closest family. She used her wealth for humanitarian purposes selflessly helping the needy in Novi Sad, poor students, the weak and the sick. ‘The Home of Marija Trandafil for Serbian Orthodox Orphans’ was founded on her demand. Since 1914 it was located in the building of Matica Srpska and from 1930 it was in a newly built property in Sajlovo, Novi Sad.

Today, this is the building of Scientific Veterinary Institute ‘ Novi Sad’.



Sector For Food Safety, Veterinary Toxicology  and Drug Analysis

230 Department of Microbiological Examination of Animal Feed

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Besides the contracts awarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and  Water Management- Veterinary Directorate in the area of Juznobacki and Srem district, Scientific Veterinary Institute ‘Novi Sad’ provides its services to customers both in Serbia and abroad. It offers various methods, 137 of which are accredited. Click here to see all our services.

As an institution registered at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, Scientific Veterinary Institute ‘ Novi Sad’ participates in various national projects funded by this ministry and in different provincial and international projects. For more information click here to see the projects the Institute participates in.

194,566 analysed samples

in 2017.

253,477 analyses

in 2017.

137 accredited

laboratory analyses

72+ years

of experience

247,994 analyses in 2010.
275,892 analysis in 2011.
234,444 analysis in 2012.
208,941 analysis in 2013.
229,810 analysis in 2014.
235,934 analysis in 2015.
241,074 analysis in 2016.
253,477 analysis in 2017.
278,713 analysis in 2018.
307,910 analysis in 2019.


Quality management and accreditation system of the Sector for Laboratory Examinations was certified according to international standards in 1998 with the aim to display capability of satisfying the  requirements and expectations of its customers and all interested parties, prove its determination to provide quality and enable assessment of the quality of its services by both internal and external parties.
Striving to constantly improve its quality management system and adapting to the changes in the field of international standards in this area, the Institute management decided to conduct harmonization of its quality system  according to the process model and accredit the Sector for Laboratory Examinations with new requirements of international standards JUS ISO 9001:2001 and JUS ISO/IEC 17025:2001. The certification of quality management system was performed on 17th May 2002 and accreditation of Sector for Laboratory Examinations on 18th December 2003.

Area of application of management system

Management system is applied to the whole organization of the Scientific Veterinary Institute located at 20 Rumenacki put, Novi Sad. SVI-NS
Its application includes the following :
1. Sector for epizootiology, clinical diagnostics and laboratory examinations- code 100
2. Sector for food safety and drug testing-code 200
3. Service for material reception, and cleaning – code 300
4. Service for common affairs – code 400
5. Quality service – code 500
6.  Service for safe handling of medical and veterinary waste– code 600
The subject and the area of quality management also include all the tasks that employees perform outside the organization  as well (field work)

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