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  • Radioactive residue burdens in soil, foodstuffs, animal feed and biological material 

    Mihaljev, Željko; Kartalović, Brankica; Živkov-Baloš, Milica; Jakšić, Sandra; Popov, Nenad (Faculty of Agriculture, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2019-05)
    Peaceful uses of nuclear energy (nuclear weapons testing, nuclear reactor accidents, industrial and medical use of radioactive compounds) and application of phosphate mineral fertilizers in agricultural production lead to ...
  • Detection of enrofloxacine residues by microbiological screening method 

    Petrović, Jelena; Kartalović, Brankica; Ratajac, Radomir; Prodanov-Radulović, Jasna; Stojanov, Igor; Žekić, Marina; Stefanović, Srđan (Institute for Animal Husbandry, Belgrade-Zemun, Serbia, 2019)
    The usage of microbiological screening tests is widespread in control of presence of antimicrobial drug residues in meat samples. Screening tests must be capable to detect antimicrobial drug residue of interest and ...
  • Comparative pathological findings in mute swans (Cygnus olor) naturally infected with highly pathogenic Avian influenza viruses H5N1 and H5N8 in Serbia 

    Božić (Đurđević), Biljana; Vučićević, Ivana; Polaček, Vladimir; Vasković, Nikola; Petrović, Tamaš; Pajić, Marko; Aleksić-Kovačević, Sanja (2019)
    The aim of this study was to compare pathological lesions and viral antigen expression in the organs of mute swans (Cygnus olor) naturally infected with highly pathogenic avian influenza virus subtypes H5N1 and H5N8. The ...
  • Management of blood lipid profile and oxidative status in Holstein and Simmental dairy cows during lactation 

    Obućinski, Dejan; Soleša, Dragan; Kučević, Denis; Prodanović, Radivoj; Tomaš-Simin, Mirela; Ljubojević-Pelić, Dragana; Đuragić, Olivera; Puvača, Nikola (Hrvatska mljekarska udruga, 2019)
    Managing and determination of the blood lipid profile and oxidative status are useful tool to show the influence of foreign chemical substances on production of dairy cows. Investigation of various biomarkers of oxidative ...
  • Influence of Anticoccidials on Oxidative Stress, Production Performance and Faecal Oocyst Counts in Broiler Chickens Infected with Eimeria Species 

    Pajić, Marko; Aleksić, Nevenka; Vejnović, Branislav; Polaček, Vladimir; Novakov, Nikolina; Ostojić-Andrić, Dušica; Stanimirović, Zoran (2019)
    The influence of certain anticoccidial drugs on oxidative stress in broiler chickens infected with Eimeria species was assessed. There were two untreated (uninfected and infected), and three groups infected and treated ...
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in the traditional smoked sausage Slavonska kobasica 

    Mastanjević, Krešimir; Kartalović, Brankica; Petrović, Jelena; Novakov, Nikolina; Puljić, Leona; Kovačević, Dragan; Jukić, Marko; Lukinac, Jasmina; Mastanjević, Kristina (2019)
    The aim of this study was to determine the content of 16 polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the traditional dry fermented sausage Slavonska kobasica. Smoking was conducted in a traditional smokehouse (two and ...
  • Salmonella spp. in pet feed and risk it poses to humans 

    Milanov, Dubravka; Aleksić, Nevenka; Vidaković, Suzana; Ljubojević, Dragana; Čabarkapa, Ivana (Institute of Food Technology (FINS), University of Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia, 2019)
    Commercial feed intended for dogs and cats is an almost unrecognised source of human infection with various serovars of Salmonella enterica. However, people may catch the infection both via direct contact with contaminated ...
  • Detection of antibodies against lumpy skin disease virus by virus neutralization test and ELISA methods 

    Samojlović, Milena; Polaček, Vladimir; Gurjanov, Vladimir; Lupulović, Diana; Lazić, Gospava; Petrović, Tamaš; Lazić, Sava (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2019)
    Infection of cattle with lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) is very important from the aspect of livestock production. Although it can cause significant economic losses, available serological assays are still not sufficiently ...
  • Overview of diagnostic tools for Capripox virus infections 

    Haegeman, Andy; De Vleeschauwer, Annebel; De Leeuw, Ilse; Vidanović, Dejan; Šekler, Milanko; Petrović, Tamaš; Demarez, Céline; Lefebvre, David; De Clercq, Kris (2019)
    Capripox viruses are the causative agents of important animal diseases in cattle (Lumpy Skin Disease), sheep(Sheeppox)andgoats(Goatpox)withseveresocio-economicimpactincaseofwidescaleoutbreaks.Thereforethere is aconstantneed ...
  • Molecular characterization of Listeria monocytogenes isolates from a smallscale meat processor in Montenegro, 2011-2014 

    Zuber, Ivana; Lakićević, Brankica; Pietzka, Ariane; Milanov, Dubravka; Đorđević, Vesna; Karabasil, Neđeljko; Teodorović, Vlado; Ruppitsch, Werner; Dimitrijević, Mirjana (2019)
    The presence of Listeria monocytogenes was evaluated in a small-scale meat processing facility in Montenegro during 2011–2014. L. monocytogenes isolates from traditional meat products and environmental swabs were subjected ...
  • EVOLvINC: EValuating knOwLedge INtegration Capacity in multistakeholder governance 

    Hitziger, Martin; Aragrande, Maurizio; Berezowski, John A.; Canali, Massimo; Del Rio Vilas, Victor; Hoffmann, Sabine; Igrejas, Gilberto; Keune, Hans; Lux, Alexandra; Bruce, Mieghan; Palenberg, Markus A.; Pohl, Christian; Radeski, Miroslav; Richter, Ina; Robledo Abad, Carmenza; Salerno, Robert H.; Savić, Sara; Schirmer, Janina; Vogler, Barbara R.; Rüegg, Simon R. (2019)
    Research and policy processes in many fields, such as sustainability and health, are increasingly relying on transdisciplinary cooperationamong a multitude of governmental, nongovernmental, and private actors from local ...
  • Complete Genome Sequence of an Equine Arteritis Virus Strain Isolated from a Lipizzaner Stallion in 2015 in Serbia 

    Gaudaire, Delphine; Lazić, Sava; Lupulović, Diana; Petrović, Tamaš; Lazić, Gospava; Berthet, Nicolas; Hans, Aymeric (American Society for Microbiology, 2019)
    Here, we report the first whole-genome sequence of an equine arteritis virus (EAV) strain, RS1, isolated from the semen of a Lipizzaner stallion held in the Vojvodina region of Serbia.
  • Evidence of the first clinical case of equine neuroinvasive West Nile Disease in Serbia, 2018 

    Medić, Strahinja; Lazić, Sava; Petrović, Tamaš; Petrić, Dušan; Samojlović, Milena; Lazić, Gospava; Lupulović, Diana (2019)
    During July 2018, the first clinical case of neurological West Nile virus (WNV) infection was reported in a Belgian sports mare in Belgrade, Serbia. Typical symptoms, such as hypersensitive skin reaction, disorientation, ...