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    • Factors affecting the shelf life of fresh fish 

      Ljubojević-Pelić, Dragana; Babić, Jelena; Vidaković, Suzana; Pelić, Miloš; Živkov-Baloš, Milica; Milanov, Dubravka; Novakov, Nikolina; Radosavljević, Vladimir; Ćirković, Miroslav (Institute of Food Technology, Novi Sad (Serbia), 2018-10)
      Fish is an important part of healthy nutrition. The main problem is the fact that fish is highly perishable. It is known that shelf life of different fish species depends on variety of factors such as their chemical ...
    • Fatty acid composition of Acipenseridae – sturgeon fish 

      Pelić, Miloš; Vidaković-Knežević, Suzana; Živkov-Baloš, Milica; Popov, Nenad; Novakov, Nikolina; Ćirković, Miroslav; Ljubojević-Pelić, Dragana (IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 2019-09)
      Fish meat is considered to have a beneficial nutritional composition and a favorable effect on human health. Fish meat is a significant source of highly unsaturated fatty acids with beneficial effects on health of ...
    • Fatty acid composition of hot smoked Common carp meat 

      Babić, Jelena; Vidaković, Suzana; Rakita, Slađana; Kartalović, Brankica; Okanović, Đorđe; Bošković, Marija; Glišić, Milica; Ćirković, Miroslav; Teodorović, Vlado (Faculty of Agriculture, Zemun (Serbia), 2018-06)
      Production of smoked fish is one of the most important sector in European aquaculture. Smoked common carp (Cyprinus carpio) and smoked trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) are present in our country and they are more present on ...
    • First detection of coronavirus in bats in Vojvodina Province, Serbia 

      Lupulović, Diana; Paunović, Milan; Budinski, Ivana; Petrović, Tamaš; Samojlović, Milena; Lazić, Sava; Lazić, Gospava (SVD, Sekcija za zoonoze, Beograd, 2019-04)
    • Fiziološki značaj C vitamina kod preživara 

      Lazarević, Miodrag; Mlinar, Saša; Milovanović, Aleksandar (Srpsko veterinarsko društvo, Beograd, 2019)
    • Flaviviruses at the territory of Serbia - present situation and challenges 

      Petrović, Tamaš; Šekler, Milanko; Petrić, Dušan; Vidanović, Dejan; Potkonjak, Aleksandar; Hrnjaković Cvjetković, Ivana; Savić, Sara; Debeljak, Zoran; Lazić, Gospava; Ignjatović Ćupina, Aleksandra; Lupulović, Diana; Samojlović, Milena; Jurišić, Aleksandar; Petrović, Aleksandra; Ivanović, Ivana; Milošević, Vesna; Lazić, Sava (Naučni institut za veterinarstvo "Novi Sad", 2018)
      The aim of this study is to summarize the data on the occurrence, presence and prevalence of some zoonotic flaviviruses, which have been actively circulating in the territory of the Republic of Serbia during past decade. ...
    • Flaviviruses in Serbia - current situation 

      Petrović, Tamaš; Petrić, Dušan; Šekler, Milanko; Potkonjak, Aleksandar; Hrnjaković Cvjetković, Ivana; Vidanović, Dejan; Lazić, Gospava; Ignjatović Ćupina, Aleksandra; Samojlović, Milena; Lupulović, Diana; Savić, Sara; Milošević, Vesna; Lazić, Sava (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna (Austria), 2018-08)
    • Fluoroquinolone-resistant and extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing Escherichia coli isolates from free-living wild animals 

      Velhner, Maja; Todorović, Dalibor; Grego, Edita; Jovčić, Branko; Prunić, Bojana; Stojanov, Igor; Kehrenberg, Corinna (2018)
      During the hunting season 2013–2014, fecal samples collected from hare, roe deer, deer and wild boars were sent to the bacteriology laboratory for the isolation of Escherichia coli and multidrug resistant isolates ...
    • Flyers on ASF preventive measures for pig farms 

      Martinez, M.; de la Torre, A.; Prodanov-Radulović, Jasna; Tamba, M.; Jurado, C.; Bellin, S. (2020-01)
    • Food safety aspects of common carp produced in wastewater-fed fish ponds 

      Ljubojević-Pelić, Dragana; Pelić, Miloš; Đorđević, V.; Ćirković, Miroslav (IOP Conf. Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 2019-09)
      There is an increasing trend in the use of wastewater in fish production because wastewater-based aquaculture is a sustainable, biological way to treat and recycle wastewater. Different fish species including common carp ...
    • Fumonisins in pig feed 

      Jakšić, Sandra; Popov, Nenad; Živkov-Baloš, Milica; Prodanov-Radulović, Jasna; Abramović, Biljana (Naučni institut za veterinarstvo "Novi Sad", 2018)
      Fumonisins are mycotoxins belonging to a group of potential carcinogens for humans. It is well known that they also have potentially harmful effects on various species of animals. After consumption, in the horse they may ...
    • Fungi in medicinal herbs from Serbia and their chemical and physical desinfection 

      Jakšić, Sandra; Živkov-Baloš, Milica; Stojanov, Igor; Ćosić, Jasenka; Vrandečić, Karolina; Abramović, Biljana (Institute of Food Technology, Novi Sad (Serbia), 2018-10)
      Medicinal herbs are increasingly used as a "natural" method of treatment. The maximum number of total molds and yeasts in pharmaceutical preparations is prescribed. The presence of mold is not advisable due to possible ...
    • Genetic diversity of PRRSV 1 in Central Eastern Europe in 1994– 2014: origin and evolution of the virus in the region 

      Balka, Gyula; Podgórska, Katarzyna; Singh Brar, Manreetpal; Bálint, Ádám; Cadar, Daniel; Celer, Vladimir; Petrović, Tamaš; Sirakov, Ivo; Szalay, Dóra; Toplak, Ivan; Chi-Ching Leung, Frederick; Stadejek, Tomasz (2018)
      More than 20 years after the first outbreaks, the phylogenetic picture of PRRSV is still incomplete and full of gaps, especially in regards of PRRSV 1. Due to the exceptional diversity observed at the eastern borders of ...
    • Health risks associated with residual pesticide levels in fish reared in purified wastewater from slaughterhouse 

      Pelić, Miloš; Kartalović, Brankica; Živkov-Baloš, Milica; Mirilović, M.; Đorđević, M.; Teodorović, V.; Ćirković, Miroslav; Ljubojević Pelić, Dragana (2020)
      The main objective of the present research was to determine the concentrations of the selected pesticides in muscle, liver and skin of common carp. Fish were sampled in two different seasons from fish pond which ...
    • Hepatitis E in Vojvodina Province, Serbia - an epidemiological overview and associated risk factors for humans and animals 

      Lupulović, Diana; Lazić, Sava; Lazić, Gospava; Samojlović, Milena; Prodanov-Radulović, Jasna; Petrović, Tamaš (University of Veterinary Medicine, Vienna, 2018)
    • Humani enterovirusi u rekama i kanalizacionoj vodi u Vojvodini 

      Lazić, Gospava; Lazić, Sava; Bugarski, Dejan; Grubač, Siniša; Lupulović, Diana; Samojlović, Milena; Petrović, Tamaš (Naučno-stručno društvo za zaštitu životne sredine Srbije Ecologica, Beograd (Srbija), 2018-04)
    • Humoral immunological response in pigs vaccinated agains Aujeszky's disease with MORBIVAC vaccine 

      Lazić, Gospava; Kirovski, Marko; Polaček, Vladimir; Bugarski, Dejan; Petrović, Tamaš; Lupulović, Diana; Samojlović, Milena; Lazić, Sava (Veterinarska komora Republike Srpske, Banja Luka, 2019-06)
    • Immunohistochemical distinguishing between canine peripheral nerve sheath tumors and perivascular wall tumors 

      Vučićević, Ivana; Marinković, Darko; Kukolj, Vladimir; Nešić, Slađan; Aničić, Milan; Đurđević, Biljana; Aleksić-Kovačević, Sanja (2019)
      Peripheral nerve sheath tumors (PNSTs) comprise a heterogeneous group of neoplasms originating from the elements of the nerve sheath. They are divided into two forms: benign and malignant PNST. Both benign and malignant ...
    • Impact of Microwave Thermal Processing on Major Grain Quality Traits of Linseed (Linum usitatissium L.) 

      Puvača, Nikola; Ljubojević Pelić, Dragana; Živkov-Baloš, Milica; Lević, Jovanka; Prodanović, Radivoj; Puvača Čović, Vidosava; Popović, Sanja; Đuragić, Olivera (2020)
      The current study investigated the effects of thermal processing of the microwave technology on nutritive value, crude protein solubility, urease activity and amino acid profile on linseed grains. Samples were treated ...
    • Important biological characteristics of Trichinella genotypes 

      Petrović, Jelena (2019)
      Background. To control Trichinella, one of the most important food borne parasites, it is necessary to know the biology of the parasite. Scope and Approach. The pathogenicity of Trichinella genotypes mainly depends on ...