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  • Salmonella spp. in pet feed and risk it poses to humans 

    Milanov, Dubravka; Aleksić, Nevenka; Vidaković, Suzana; Ljubojević, Dragana; Čabarkapa, Ivana (Institute of Food Technology (FINS), University of Novi Sad, Republic of Serbia, 2019)
    Commercial feed intended for dogs and cats is an almost unrecognised source of human infection with various serovars of Salmonella enterica. However, people may catch the infection both via direct contact with contaminated ...
  • Detection of antibodies against lumpy skin disease virus by virus neutralization test and ELISA methods 

    Samojlović, Milena; Polaček, Vladimir; Gurjanov, Vladimir; Lupulović, Diana; Lazić, Gospava; Petrović, Tamaš; Lazić, Sava (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2019)
    Infection of cattle with lumpy skin disease virus (LSDV) is very important from the aspect of livestock production. Although it can cause significant economic losses, available serological assays are still not sufficiently ...
  • Overview of diagnostic tools for Capripox virus infections 

    Haegeman, Andy; De Vleeschauwer, Annebel; De Leeuw, Ilse; Vidanović, Dejan; Šekler, Milanko; Petrović, Tamaš; Demarez, Céline; Lefebvre, David; De Clercq, Kris (2019)
    Capripox viruses are the causative agents of important animal diseases in cattle (Lumpy Skin Disease), sheep(Sheeppox)andgoats(Goatpox)withseveresocio-economicimpactincaseofwidescaleoutbreaks.Thereforethere is aconstantneed ...
  • Molecular characterization of Listeria monocytogenes isolates from a smallscale meat processor in Montenegro, 2011-2014 

    Zuber, Ivana; Lakićević, Brankica; Pietzka, Ariane; Milanov, Dubravka; Đorđević, Vesna; Karabasil, Neđeljko; Teodorović, Vlado; Ruppitsch, Werner; Dimitrijević, Mirjana (2019)
    The presence of Listeria monocytogenes was evaluated in a small-scale meat processing facility in Montenegro during 2011–2014. L. monocytogenes isolates from traditional meat products and environmental swabs were subjected ...
  • EVOLvINC: EValuating knOwLedge INtegration Capacity in multistakeholder governance 

    Hitziger, Martin; Aragrande, Maurizio; Berezowski, John A.; Canali, Massimo; Del Rio Vilas, Victor; Hoffmann, Sabine; Igrejas, Gilberto; Keune, Hans; Lux, Alexandra; Bruce, Mieghan; Palenberg, Markus A.; Pohl, Christian; Radeski, Miroslav; Richter, Ina; Robledo Abad, Carmenza; Salerno, Robert H.; Savić, Sara; Schirmer, Janina; Vogler, Barbara R.; Rüegg, Simon R. (2019)
    Research and policy processes in many fields, such as sustainability and health, are increasingly relying on transdisciplinary cooperationamong a multitude of governmental, nongovernmental, and private actors from local ...

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