Ово је репозиторијум Научног инстиута за ветеринарство "Нови Сад" и омогућава прикупљање, чување и дистрибуцију дигиталног материјала. Представља важан алат за приступ радовима и публикацијама истраживача Института.

Изаберите институцију ради приказа припадајућих докумената.

  • Radionuclides in the environment and their impact on food safety and human health 

    Mihaljev, Željko (Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, Serbia, 2020)
    The paper shows results of gamma spectrometry testing, determination of specific activity of 90Sr as measurements of activity concentration of torium and uranium isotopes by a technique of inductively coupled plasma with ...
  • First detection and clinical presentation of Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV) in Serbia 

    Prodanov-Radulović, Jasna; Petrović, Tamaš; Lupulović, Diana; Marčić, Doroteja; Petrović, Jelena; Grgić, Živoslav; Lazić, Sava (2017)
    During 2015/2016, fecal and intestinal samples from live diseased and/or dead pigs with suspected PEDV and/or TGEV and signs of rotavirus infection were collected from in total seven different farrow-to-fi nish swine ...
  • Seroepidemiological Study of Canine and Human Dirofilariasis in the Endemic Region of Northern Serbia 

    Savić, Sara; Žekić Stošić, Marina; Marčić, Doroteja; Hernández, Isabel; Potkonjak, Aleksandar; Otašević, Suzana; Ružić, Maja; Morchón, Rodrigo (2020)
    Dirofilariasis is a vector-borne zoonotic disease caused mainly by Dirofilaria immitis and Dirofilaria repens that affect dogs and humans all over the world. Serbia is considered an endemic country to both forms of ...
  • Enteric viruses in surface water in vojvodina as a risk for healthy food production 

    Lazić, Gospava; Samojlović, Milena; Lupulović, Diana; Petrović, Tamaš; Lazić, Sava (Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, Serbia, 2020)
    The quality of water used for drinking, irrigation, industrial food processing or for recreational purposes, has a very important impact on human and animal health. So far, 33 surface water localities have been examined ...
  • Effect of mycotoxins on porcine semen quality in artificial insemination centers 

    Milovanović, Aleksandar; Apić, Jelena; Barna, Tomislav; Živkov-Baloš, Milica; Prodanov-Radulović, Jasna; Jakšić, Sandra; Maksimović, Nevena (Ecological Movement of Novi Sad, Serbia, 2020-09)
    This paper describes escalation of sudden drop in semen quality in two boars' farm centers affected by high mycotoxin level in forage (primarily by deoxynivalenol-DON). Barley and wheat harvested in 2019 was generally ...

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