National projects

Projects of Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia

Project Title No. Coordinator Duration
Утицај квалитета компонената у исхрани ципринида на квалитет меса, губитке и економичност прзводње ТР31011 prof Miroslav Cirkovic, PhD 2011.-2015.
Research on pharmacological characteristics of antimicrobial agents, introduction of new technological alternative methods of prophylactic with the purpose to improve control of infectious animal disease of farm animals ТР31071 Dubravka Milanov, PhD 2011.-2015.
Wild animal health monitoring and introduction of new biotechnology procedures in detection of infectious and zoonotic agents risk analysis for human health, domestic and wild animal health and for environmental contamination ТР31084 Tamas Petrovic, PhD 2011.-2015.