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Aleksandar Mijaila Milovanovic, D.V.M., M.Sc. PhD

Born: 1974. Nova Gorica, Republic of Slovenia

Scientific field:
Reproduction of domestic animals

Graduated at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade, 1999., average grade: 9.06.
Master thesis under the title “Determination of antibodies against antigens of sperm in blood serum and cervical mucus of heifers and cows using indirect immunofluorescence” defended on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade in 2005.
Doctoral dissertation under the title “Study of functional neutrophils activity and progesterone profile influence on development of disorders in cows reproduction” defended on the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade in 2014.

Scientific titles:
– 2000 Research Student
– 2006 Research Associate

Professional Experience:
– Since 2000 Department of Reproduction, Scientific Veterinary Institute “Novi Sad”, Novi Sad

Scientific and Research Work:

Basic Research interest:
Veterinary reproduction, semen quality control, progesterone milk testing, immunology in reproduction, farm animal management, dairy software development, diagnostic of reproductive disorders.
Main working and research activities:
– Semen quality control by classical laboratory methods (flow cytometry, CASA (computer assisted sperm analyses), cito-morphologic examination);
– On field reproductive control of male and female animals (male animal licensing)
– Milk progesterone tests on dairy farms;
– Immunity control in reproduction (specific immunity against spermatozoa and nonspecific immunity-neutrophyle phagocytosis and respiratory burst (flow cytometry));
– Contemporary diagnosis of reproductive disorders and diagnosis of health status in dairy cattle, sheep and rams, boars and dogs;
– Introducing a computerized system to monitor and analyze health, productive and reproductive data as a base for modern management in dairy cows.

Published over 100 research and professional publications. Some of them (8) are listed below:
– Lazarević M., Milanović S., Kirovski D., Milovanović A.: Antisperm antibodies of the Ig A class in the cervical  mucus and sera of artifically inseminated cows. Acta Veterinaria, ISSN 0567-8315, 53, 5-6, 311-319, 2003.
– Lazarević M., Milovanović A., Milanović S., Kirovski D., Ilić V.: Cutaneous basophil hypersnesitivity reaction to phytohemagglutinin in repeat breeder cows. Acta Veterinaria, ISSN 0567-8315, 54, 5-6, 337-346, 2004.
– Milovanović A., Lazarević M., Milanović S., Kirovski D., Jovičin M.: Open days period and antispermatozoal antibodies in artificially inseminated cows. Acta Veterinaria, ISSN 0567-8315, 55, 5-6, 183-191, 2005.
– Milovanović A., Barna T, Jovicin M, Lazarevic M, Influence of β-Carotene and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin on Milk Progesterone Level and Pregnancy Rate in Holstein Cows, abstract, Reprod Dom Anim 45 (Suppl. 3), 99 (2010).
– Jovičin M.,Milovanović A., Petrujkić T., Lazarević M.: Followup of health, productive and reproductive data by software as a base for modern menagement of reproduction in cattle breeding, 6. Symposium on clinical pathology and treatment of animals, Budva, 14 -18 june 2004., editor Miodrag I. Lazarević, Belgrade, Faculty of veterinary medicine, 2004, 211-219.
– Jovičin M., Šamanc H., Lazić S., Milovanović A., Petrović T., Dimitrijević V.: Investigating the influence of two vaccinations of latentla infected cows aginst IBR/IPV virus on pregnanci and level of specific antibodies against this virus. Zbornik kratkih sadržaja, International symposium on cattle infection caused by herpesvirus type 1 (IBR/IPV), Novi Sad, 24-26 maj 2004, editor Sava – -
– Lazić, Novi Sad, Scientific veterinary institute ‘Novi Sad’, 2004, 65-66.
– Vidić B., Ašanin R., Milovanović A., Matović K.: Investigation of sensitivity and specificity of some serological methods in brucellosis diagnostics.Brucelosis in animals and man, International research conference on brucelosis in small ruminants, Skopje 28th-30th November 2005, editor Jovan Bosnakovski, Skopje, Faculty of veterinary medicine, 2005, 39.
– Lazarević M, Kirovski Danijela, Fratrić Natalija, Milanović Svetlana, Jakovljević G, Milovanović A., 2002, The presence of naturaly occuring antisperm andtibodies in the sera of prepubertal calvesm Acta Veterinaria, 52, 311-318.

National projects:
Participated in 15 national scientific and research projects:
Projects of Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia
– New ecologically acceptable technology procedures and preparations in diagnostics, prevention and treatment of disorders in animal reproduction Project No; BTR.5.05.4333.B; Coordinator dr Milovan Jovicin (2001-2004).
– Examination of systemic and local immune reactivity of heifers and cows on sperm antigens and solvents for bull’s semen, Project No; 1998; Coordinator prof. dr Miodrag Lazarevic (2001-2004. and 2005.).
– Pathology and diagnosos of current animal diseases that threat public health. Project No; 20117; Coordinator prof. dr Dusan Orlic (2008-2011).
– Development of technology procedures for establishment of the collection of pathogen microorganisms from animals and their isolation, typization, attestation and standardization Project No; ТR-6860B; Coordinator dr Sava Lazic (2005 – 2007)
– Investigations in order to make improvement and protection of animal health and reproduction, safety of food of animal origin and feed safety – 12М15 (1996 – 2000).
– Technology procedures for control and eradication of bovine infective rhinotracheitis and contagious chicken anemia; Project No; BTR.5.05.4331.B; Coordinator dr Sava Lazic (2001 – 2004)
Project of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management – Veterinary Directorate
– Epizootiology study, veterinary and selection control of boars for artificial insemination in reproductive centers and harmonization of clinical and laboratory practice with the EU countries, Project No; 401-00-06729/2005-05; Coordinator dr Milovan Jovicin (2005-2006).
– Management of production, health and reproductive parameters monitored through software program and used for estimating cost-benefit validity and designing the business plans for cattle farm. Project No; 401-00-7933/2007-03; Coordinator dr Milovan Jovicin (2007-2008).
Project of Provincial Secretary for Science and Technological Development
– Application of specific antibodies for production of progesterone ELISA kit in laboratory conditions with the aim to improve reproductive performances of cattle in AP Vojvodina Project No: 114-451-01512/2007-04; Coordinator dr Milovan Jovicin (2007-2008).
– Determination of the influence of Ambrosia on sex characteristics and health condition of laboratory rats. Project No; 104-401-02180/2006-04; Coordinator dr Milovan Jovicin (2006-2007).
– Assessment of the feasibility set of the ELISA kit for direct determination of progesterone in full milk and blood plasma of cows and heifers. Project No: 114-451-03318/2005-01; Coordinator dr Milovan Jovicin (2006-2007).
– Improving the technological process on breeding cattle and pig farms using risk analysis and development of HACCP system. Project No: TR-6810B; Coordinator dr Ranko Kljajic (2005).
– Development of the Programme for Prevention and Eradication of Herpesvirus Infection in Cattle Breeding Herds; Contract No: 114-451-00555/2005-01; Coordinator dr Sava Lazic; (2005-2006).
– The Project for Development and Improvement of Assembly Line Production of Fetal Calf Sera and Primary Cell Cultures According to the ATCC Standards; Contract No: 114-451-00809/2005-01; Coordinator dr Sava Lazic; (2005-2006)
– Analysis of the implementation of control and eradication program of herpesvirus infection in breeding cattle herds; Contract No: 114-451-00960/2006-01; Coordinator dr Sava Lazic; (2007 – 2008).

Expert system:
Expert in the field of veterinary reproduction

Participation at the Scientific Symposia:
8 international symposia
12 national symposia

Membership in Scientific and Professional Associations:
Veterinary Chamber of Serbia
Country representative in European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction (ESDAR)

– Training in sperm flow cytometry at “IMV TECHNOLOGIES” research center in L’Aigle, France, from 6th to 12th of June 2010.
– LODOPP COST Action Training School in Bioinformatics and Flow Cytometry, Faculty of medicine in Аlcala de Henares, University of Аlcala, Spain, from 13th to 18th of September 2010.
– Mastering technique of preparation and use of enzyme immune test (EIA) for direct determination of progesterone in whole milk at the Department of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Yamaguchi, Japan, from 25th to 31st of May 2008.
– Cochran Fellowship Training program in Dairy Genetics and Management (Wisconsin and Minnesota, USA) from 10th to 31st of June 2003, organized by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture).
– Attending the theoretical lessons in the application of ultrasound in the diagnosis, Education Center: Ultrasound in medicine and veterinary medicine, biology and veterine, 16th – 20th June 2003, Kragujevac, Serbia.
– Training program on real time embryo transfer activities (donors and recipients’ preparation, embryo flushing, evaluation, classification, freezing and embryo transfer), and rams’ semen collection, freezing and laparoscopic insemination, Ovatec, Dubbo, Australia, 18 February-7 March 2013.

Present position:
Research assistant