Jovicin Milovan, PhD



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Milovan Jovičin, PhD, DVM, Research Associate

Born: February 17th, 1953, Ravno Selo, municipality Vrbas, Republic of Serbia

Scientific field:
Reproduction of domestic animals

– Graduated at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Sarajevo, 1976.
– Master thesis at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade, 1988. – “The effect of inoculation microorganisms on morphological and physiological properties of bull sperm in fresh and frozen semen during the year”
– Doctoral disseratation at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade, 1991. – “Acrosomal damage of bovine spermatozoa and its effect on the conception rate of inseminated heifers”

Scientific titles:
– 1989 Research Trainee
– 1992 Research Associate
– 1999 Senior Research Fellow
– 2014 Research Associate (re-election)

Professional Experience:
– July 1976 – June 1980 municipality’s veterinary inspection, the meat industry “Carnex” in Vrbas
– June 1980 – August 1991, Department of Reproduction and AI domestic animals in Novi Sad and Temerin
– September 1991 to present – Department for reproduction NIV-NS

Scientific and Research Work:
He has published over 150 scientific papers
Coordinator in 7 and participant in 18 national research projects

Basic Research interest:
Veterinary reproduction, cyto-morphologicaly investigation in semen quality control, diagnostic of reproductive and metabolic disorders, technological advances.
Main working and research activities:
The morphology of spermatozoa and microflora in sperm;
Mikroflora uterus of cows;
The metabolic profile and metabolic disorders;
Patents and technological advances;
Reproductive disorders caused by infectious agents;
Management of the herd, metabolism and nutrition;

Chosen Publications: (5-10):
Published over 150 scientific and professional publications
Jovicin M. : Fertility of fozen bovine semen predicted by a trypan blue-nigrosine-eosine Method. . 25. Congress of the World Veterinary Association, Yokohama, Japan, Abstracts (WVA Scientific Programme), Buiatrics, p. 86.(1995)
Jovicin M., Nemes Z., Boros I., Jakovljevic G., Kasic M., Salma J., Glavonic L.: Pregnancy of cows in dependence on cytologic morphological quality of frozen bulls semen., Proceedings 11th Symposium agronomists, technicians and veterinarians, Arandelovac, YU ISSN: 0354-1320, PKB – ‘INI Agroekonomik, Belgrade, pp. 329-339. (1997)
Jovicin M., Kovacevic M., Suvajdzic Lj., Lalic M., Boros I.: Importance of cytological findings in smears of endometrial biopsy of cows.. Paper presented at the 6th International Conference of Ovine and Caprine Production and 4th Symposium on Animal Reproduction, Ohrid, Macedonia, Macedonian Journal of Reproduction, 4, 2, pp. 113-118. (1998)
Jovicin M.,Petrujkić T.: Endometrial biopsy and suboestral endometritis therapy in cows.. Proceedings 2nd Conference in clinical pathology and treatment of animals “New trends in reproduction”, Clinica veterinaria 2000, Budva, 12 -16 june 2000 godine, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Belgrade, pp. 21-34.
Lalić M.,Jovicin M., ., Pavlović R.: Universal forestomach coil sound UPS – NS ..Veterinary Journal of Republic of Srpska, pp. 188-192.
Jovicin M., Kovacevic M., Milovanovic A., Barna T., Kosarcic S., Samanc H.: Grafički prikaz rezultata metaboličkog profila u odnosu na reproduktvne pokazatelje muznih krava= Graphical presentation of metabolic profile in relationship to reproductive parameters in dairy cows.. Proceedings 5th Symposium nutrition, reproduction and health protection of cattle, Kanjiza Spa, 4.-7. jul 2007. godine, Horea Samanc ed., Veterinary Chamber of Serbia, Belgrade, pp. 201-211.
Jovicin M.,., Milovanovic A., Zikic D., Kovacevic M., Kosarcic S., Drazic M., Barna T.:Evaluation of rumen Protosoal Ecosystem stability Determined by Lugol’s Iodine Index of Chromaticity in Dairy Cows. . 6th International Symposium on Biocides in Public Health and Environment, October 06-07.2009, Belgrade, editor Veselin B. Radonjić, Proceedings, Institute for Disinfection and Vector Control, pp. 209-211.
Jovicin M., ., Petrujkic B., Jocic A., Stancic I., Dosen R., Rogozarski D., Mirilovic M. :Morphological analysis of boar spermatozoa by age and breed., Contemporary agriculture, 61 (1-2), ISSN 0350-1205, pp. 84-94. (2012):
Jovicin M., Kovacevic M., Milanov D., Milovanovic A., Bugarski D., Pusic I., Barna T., Lazov Z., Drazic M.: Kolposkop za savremenu dijagnostiku reproduktivnog stanja polnih organa i znakova polnog žara krava plotkinja = Colposcope for contemporary diagnostics of the reproductive health status and heat signs in breeding cows..Documents MP-1278 U (MP-2011/0066). Belgrade, Institute for Intellectual Property, pp. 1-7.
Zivkov-Balos M., Jaksic S., Mihaljev Z., Cupic Z., Stojanov I., Apic J., Jovicin M.: Mikroelementi i teški metali u mleku krava sa različitih lokaliteta Srbije = Microelements and heavy metals in raw cow milk from various regions in Serbia.. Veterinarski glasnik, 67 (5-6), ISSN 0350-2457, pp. 317-328. (2013)

7 coordinator and participant in 18 national research projects
National projects:
Projects of Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia
Research pharmacological properties of antimicrobial agents, the introduction of new technological solutions and alternative methods of prophylaxis with the aim to improve the control of infectious diseases of domestic animals of the project file number 31071: implementation period 2011-2014 / Project Manager Dubravka Milanov.
Project of Provincial Secretary for Science and Technological Development
Hazard analyses, risk assessment and identification of critical control measures for food production in animal breeding farms in AP Vojvodina

Expertise area:
– sperm morphology and sperm microflora;
– o microflora uterus of cows;
– o metabolic profile and metabolic disorders;

Participation at the Scientific Symposia:
– 3 international symposium
– 15 national symposia

Membership in Scientific and Professional Associations:
– Veterinary Chamber of Serbia
– Serbian Veterinary Society
– European Society for Domestic Animal Reproduction – ESDAR
– European Buiatric’s Association
– Serbian Buiatric’s Association

– Ultrasound diagnostic imaging
– Acreditation and sertification of ISO 9001: 2001 and ISO/IEC 17025:2006), documentation, management, laboratory methods

Participation in Committees for assessment and defense:
– PhD thesis (6),
– master’s thesis (12)
– specialized works (7);
– mentoring for one fellow MSTR.

Awards, honors:

Description: Diploma and trophy (Jerome Cup) the “GENIUS IV International Invention Exhibition”, Budapest, Hungary.Link: (library);
Description: Diploma and trophy (Jerome Cup) the “GENIUS IV International Invention Exhibition”, Budapest, Hungary.Link: (library);

Activities in the expert panel for testing drugs and medical devices:

Solution for placing auxiliary medicinal agents called “VETER U ad us. vet.”;
Link: Federal Ministry of Economy and Internal Trade No. 5535/2 of 28.11.2002. year;

Other skils:
– Russian, active; English, passive; Polish, passive;
– computer skills (M. Office)
– good team worker

Present positon:
– Research Fellow in the Department for reproduction