Zivkov-Balos Milica, PhD



Milica M. Živkov-Baloš, B.Sc., M.Sc., PhD,

Principal Research Fellow

Scientific field: Feed and food safety

Born: 1967


Basic studies:  Faculty of Agriculture, Department for Cattle Breeding, University of Novi Sad, 1994.

Master thesis:  Faculty of Agriculture, Department for Cattle Breeding, University of Novi Sad, 1998. – “Establishment of pubertal ovarian activity in the gilts with the different back fat thickness”

Doctoral disseratation:  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Belgrade 2004. – “Effect of phytase in broilers nutrition on performances, availability of phosphorus and degree of bone mineralisation”

Scientific titles:

  • 1994 Research Trainee
  • 1998 Research Assistant
  • 2005 Research Associate
  • 2013 Senior Research fellow
  • 2018 Principal Research Fellow

Professional Experience:

- 1994 – 1995 Department of Reproduction, Scientific Veterinary Institute “Novi Sad”

- 1995 – present – Department for Feed Examining

- 1998 – 2013 Head of the Department for Feed Examining

- 2002 -2013 – Deputy of the Head of the Unit for Laboratory Investigations

- 2014 Head of the Department for Food and Feed Examining and Deputy of the Head of the Unit for Food safety and Drugs Examining

Basic Research interest:  food and feed safety and quality, environmental research

Main working and research activities:

  • nutrition of animals;
  • feeding efficiency & nutrients;
  • utilization of agricultural and food by-products;
  • food and feed quality control;
  • food and feed safety;
  • functional feed;

Scientific and Research Work:

Published over 250 scientific and professional papers.

Participated in 22 national scientific and research projects

National scientific projects leader in 6 projects and project tasks

Chosen Publications:

  1. Milica Živkov Baloš: ESSENTIAL MINERALS IN POULTRY NUTRITION. Monograph, Publisher: Scientific Veterinary Institute “Novi Sad” 2017, ISBN 976-86-82871-40-8, p.112.
  2. S. M. Jakšić, R. D. Ratajac, N. B. Prica, J. B. Apić, D. B. Ljubojević, M. Z. Žekić Stošić, and M. M. Živkov Baloš (2018): METHODS OF DETERMINATION OF ANTIBIOTIC RESIDUES IN HONEY. Journal of Analytical Chemistry, Volume 73, №4, 317-324, 2018.
  3. Milica Živkov-Baloš, Dragana Ljubojević, Sandra Jakšić (2017): THE ROLE AND IMPORTANCE OF VANADIUM, Cr AND Ni IN POULTRY DIET. World’s Poultry Science Journal, 73, March 2017. DOI 10.1017/S0043933916000842.
  4. Prodanov-Radulović J., Živkov-Baloš M., Jakšić S., Grgić Ž., Stojanov I., Bojkovski J., Tassis P. D.: ALFATOXIN M1 IN SOWS MILK. J Hellenic Vet Med Soc, 2017
  5. Ljubojević Dragana, Radosavljević Vladimir, Pelić Miloš, Đorđević Vesna, Živkov Baloš Milica, Ćirković Miroslav (2016): FATTY ACID COMPOSITION, CHEMICAL COMPOSITION AND PROCESSING YIELD OF TRADITIONAL HOT SMOKED COMMON CARP (Cyprinus carpio, L). Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 2016, 15(4) 1293-1306. ISSN: 1562-2916.
  6. Ljubojevic Dragana B, Radosavljevic Vladimir, Puvaca Nikola, Zivkov-Balos Milica M, Djordjevic Vesna Z, Jovanovic Rade, Cirkovic Miroslav A (2015): INTERACTIVE EFFECTS OF DIETARY PROTEIN LEVEL AND OIL SOURCE ON PROXIMATE COMPOSITION AND FATTY ACID COMPOSITION IN COMMON CARP (Cyprinus carpio L.). Journal Of Food Composition And Analysis Journal Of Food Composition And Analysis, 2015, 37, 44-50. http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.jfca.2014.09.005
  7. Sandra Jakšić, Milica Živkov-Baloš, Željko Mihaljev, Zoran Mašić, Igor Jajić, Nemanja Banić, Biljana Abramović (2015): EXTRACTION WITHOUT  ОRGANIC SOLVENTS IN THE DETERMINATION OF FUMONISINS B1, B2, AND B3 IN MAIZE BY HPLC–FLD AND ELISA TESTS. Food Analytical Methods, ISSN 1936-9751, Food Anal. Methods 8:1446-1455,  DOI 10.1007/s12161-014-0030-5.
  8. Mihaljev Ž., Ćupić Ž., Živkov – Baloš M., Jakšić S. (2015): LEVELS OF MACROELEMENTS AND TOXIC ELEMENTS IN HERBAL TEAS. Hemijska Industrija, 69 (2), 143-153. ISSN 0367-598X, DOI:10.2298/HEMIND130424029M.
  9. Željko Mihaljev, Milica Živkov-Baloš, Željko Ćupić, Sandra Jakšić (2014): LEVELS OF SOME MICROELEMENTS AND ESSENTIAL HEAVY METALS IN HERBAL TEAS IN SEBIA. Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica-Drug Research, 71, 3, 385-391.
  10. Sandra Jakšić, Biljana Abramović, Igor Jajić, Milica Živkov-Baloš, Željko Mihaljev, Vesna Despotović, Daniela Šojić (2012): CO-OCCURRENCE  OF FUMONISIN AND DEOXYNIVALENOL IN WHEAT AND MAIZE HARVESTED IN SERBIA. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology, 89:615–619, ISSN 0007-4861.
  11. Živkov-Baloš M., Kovačević M., Mihaljev Ž., Stojanov I., Kapetanov M., Stojanović D., Petrović J.:  THE EFFECTIVENESS OF PHYTASE IN BROILER DIETS IN IMPROVING PRODUCTION PERFORMANCES AND BONE FEATURES. Acta Veterinaria, ISSN 0567-8315, 62, 2-3, 297-311, 2012.
  12. Živkov-Baloš M., Mihaljev Ž., Orlić D., Kovačević M., Lević J., Gledić D.: THE EFFECTIVENESS OF MICROBIAL PHYTASE ON PERFORMANCE AND BONE TISSUE CHARACTERISTICS OF BROILERS. Acta Veterinaria, ISSN 0567-8315, 58, 5-6, str.543-554, 2008.
  13. Milica Zivkov-Balos, Sandra Jakšić, Milovan Jovicin (2015): THE DETERMINATION OF THE QUALITY IN CEREAL SILAGES SUPPLEMENTED WITH PUMPKIN AND CARROT. Invited presentation on First International Symposium of Veterinary Medicine (ISVM2015)  „One Health – New Challenges“,  Hotel “Premier Aqua” – Vrdnik, May 21 – 23, 2015, Scientific Veterinary Institute „Novi Sad“ and Institute Of Veterinary Medicine Of Serbia, ISBN 978-86-82871-36-1,  115-123.
  14. Milica Zivkov-Balos, Mihaljev Ž., Ljubojević D., Apić J. (2015): LEAD AND CADMIUM IN WILD BOAR FROM DIFFERENT GROUNDS IN SERBIA. Invited presentation on International Symposium on animal science (ISAS) 2015 and 19th International Congress on biotechnology in animal reproduction (ICBAR), Novi Sad, 09-11 September, 2015, ISBN: 978-067520-346-9, pp. 83-87.
  15. Milica Živkov Baloš, Željko Mihaljev, Jasna Prodanov Radulović, Sandra Jakšić, Nadežda Prica, Igor Stojanov, Saša Obradović (2016): CONCENTRATIONS OF MERCURY IN TISSUES OF WILD BOAR FROM DIFFERENT REGIONS OF SERBIA. Ecologica, 23, 82, 327-330. ISSN 0354-3285
  16. Milica Živkov-Baloš, Milovan Jovičin, Nadežda Prica, Sandra Jakšić, Želјko Mihalјev, Dubravka Milanov (2014): Technological process of enriching combined silage of cereals and pumpkin and carrot Combo Vit Sil.The technological solution. Reviewers appointed and reviews accepted the Scientific Council of the Scientific Institute of Veterinary Medicine “Novi Sad”.

National projects:

Participated in 20 national scientific and research projects

Projects of Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Serbia

  1. Contemporary aspects and development of systems and methods of animal health protection and food and feed safety accuracy. For the Ministry of Science and Environment Protection, No S. (1994-1997).
  2. Research for improvement of animal health protection and reproduction and food and feed safety accuracy. For the Ministry of Science and Environment Protection, No 12M15 (1996-2000).
  3. Development and application of actions and resources in diagnostics of contagious diseases of animals, control and food safety accuracy. For the Ministry of Science and Environment Protection, No S. (1997-2000).
  4. Production of new means for prevention of intoxication and treatment of disorders metabolism in animals. No. BTR.5.05.4335.B (2001-2004)
  5. Improvement of technological process of farm breeding of cattle and swine by applying hazard analysis and developing HACCP system. For the Ministry of Science and Environment Protection, No TR-6810B. (2005-2007) Coordinator Dr. Milica Živkov-Baloš
  6. Hazard analysis of critical control points in poultry production. For the Ministry of Science and Environment Protection, No TR-6811B. (2005-2007)
  7. Control of biohazard agents on farms and implementation of biotechnology procedures with the aim to reduce risks in food safety system and provide safe disposal of animal waste, No20133, 2008-2011.
  8. Wild animal health monitoring and introduction of new biotechnology procedures in detection of infectious and zoonotic agents – risk analysis for human health, domestic and wild animal health and for environmental contamination; Project No: TR31084; (2011-2015).
  9. Research on pharmacological characteristics of antimicrobial agents, introduction of new technological solutions and alternative prophylactic methods with the purpose to improve control of infectious animal disease Project No: TR31071; (2011-2015).

Project of Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management – Veterinary Directorate

  1. Excretion of aflatoxin in milk: risk for consumers, 401-00-06682/2005-05, 2005-2006-Coordinator
  2. Examination of toxic elements in feed, 401-00-06681/2005-05, 2005-2006-Coordinator

Provincial Secretary for Agriculture, Waterpower Engineering and Forestry

  1. New aspects of poultry nutrition to reduce the enviromental burden of poultry manure, No 401-01734/2006-4, 2006-2007-Coordinator

Project of Provincial Secretary for Science and Technological Development

  1. Hazard analysis, risk assessment and identification of control measures for food safety on breeding farms in APV. Department of Science of Vojvodina. No 114-451-00536/2005-01, (2005-2006).
  2. Program and practical solutions for development and implementation of HACCP system in farm breeding. Department of Science of Vojvodina. No. 401-00-02380/2004-01, (2005).
  3. Program of biotechnological methods for diagnosis and control of trichinosis in the territory of AP Vojvodina, No 114-451-01036/2008-03.
  4. Program of biotechnological methods for diagnosis and control of trichinosis in the territory of AP Vojvodina, 114-451-00676/2009-02.
  5. Program of biotechnological methods for diagnosis and control of trichinosis in the territory of AP Vojvodina, 114-451-02583/2010-01
  6. Determination of antibiotic residues in honey by using the screening method and high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), No 114-451-1263/2014-03 – Coordinator

Project of Novi Sad City, City Management, Secretary for Environmental Protection and Improvement of  the Environment

  1. Examination of the food safety on the area of Novi Sad city, 1-3501-10013/2001, 2001
  2. Environmental contamination bioindicators analysis on the area of Novi Sad, 1-3501-10013/2001, 2001

Expert system: feed safety and quality

Participation at the Scientific Symposia:

- 58 international symposium

- 20 national symposia

Present posiion:

  • Principal Research Fellow
  • Head of the Department for Feed Examining
  • Deputy of the Head of the Unit for Laboratory Investigations
  • Member of scientific Council, Scientific Veterinary Institute “Novi Sad”

Current Work Contact Details:

Milica Živkov-Baloš, PhD

Scientific Veterinary Institute “Novi Sad”

Rumenacki put 20

21000 Novi Sad, Serbia



Mobile: ++381 64 818 5453